Guardians of Sound Inc.

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Guardians of Sound keeps acoustic sound, musicians, and instruments as fundamental components in the creation, performance, education, and technological evolution of music. We compose, arrange, perform, record, and teach current music using exclusively acoustic and orchestral instruments, and voices. By doing this well, we inspire today's music creators, producers, performing artists, educators and students to use acoustic sound, musicians and instruments in their work. We are multiple flexible ensembles of classical and jazz trained musicians infusing a more organic, less heavily processed sound into current mainstream music. The goals are to enrich modern music making with the presence of acoustic instruments, to build a stronger, younger, and more diverse audience for acoustic musicians now and for the future, and to nurture the creative and intellectual curiosity of today's youth through the power of music making.

Everything in the universe is vibrating, and is affected by external vibrational forces including all of the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body. It is on a subtle level that is difficult to measure, and even more difficult to characterize, but we are strongly affected by the vibrating waves of energy with which we come into contact. Bringing more of our citizens, youth, neighborhoods, cities, and world into contact with the resonance of artful acoustic musical vibration is the aim of Guardians of Sound. We believe that there is a natural harmonizing and nurturing quality to artful acoustic musical vibration that needs to be part of our daily life existence, and environment. We further believe that this need is most crucial in our modern era and urban communities. To play music well, the many parts/players must resonate as a single harmonious unit. Guardians of Sound seeks opportunities to use music as a means of bringing diverse peoples together. The modern world must resonate with greater harmony. Achieving this is a collective effort in which music plays a vital role.