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What We Do:

Hip Hop Orchestra

"Hip Hop Orchestra" is a music performance and education project using current mainstream music through the lens of acoustic and orchestral instruments. The Orchestra is comprised of instrumentalists, singers, and rappers working primarily with the music of "now". Participants learn to read and write music with standard notation, explore beat making; produce original music; and learn arrangements of hip hop, rock, popular, classical, and jazz music. "Hip Hop Orchestra" achieves Collegiate level musicianship goals by providing high quality individual and group music instruction. The model relies heavily on tapping students' self motivation and inherent passion for music by working with material of foremost relevance to them. The content used is always appropriate. Hip Hop Orchestra combines the use of music/media technology with traditional acoustic instruments to facilitate music learning and performance in today's technology centric world. The aim is to provide a method for learning, creating, and performing music with acoustic musical instruments aided but not dominated by modern technology. We recruit, educate, mentor, and perform with young musicians ages 9 to 19. 

Conscious Soca

"Conscious Soca" is an acoustic ensemble that primarily presents the energized and spirited soca music of Trinidad and Tobago. Most of the music for Trinidad's modern soca tunes are created and performed relying heavily on Technology/Backing Tracks to be the band for vocal artists. "Conscious Soca" creates and presents purely acoustic arrangements of soca music seeking to do so without losing any of the drive, energy, and creative samples in the original works. Conscious Soca performances feature Soca as well as other Musics in a way that continues to build on the Guardians Of Sound aim of presenting today's popular and technology centric musics in completely acoustic renditions.

Acoustic Sound on Urban Ground - Hire Us

We perform live acoustic music in collaboration with community partners to enrich our urban communities. We seek community events and activities that are attracting urban crowds to partner with, and at which to provide exposure to our creative work. Multiple flexible ensembles of classical and jazz trained musicians present popular repertoire in arrangements and original compositions designed for combos of three to eight musicians with acoustic instruments - the double bass, violin, cello, clarinet, marimba, oboe, guitar, flute, saxophone, harp, and human voice to name a few. The various flexible ensembles of Guardians of Sound can be as small as a Trio to as large as a 24 piece chamber music orchestra. Professional Adult Ensembles and Youth Ensembles with the support of Professional Teaching Artists are available for bookings.

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